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About Us

Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa (HIFASS) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated in October 2007. HIFASS was primarily established as a continued effort of the Nigeria Ministry of Defence Health services to provide strategic manpower needs of the Military health facilities so as to meet the health needs of Military personnel, their families and the population around military health facilities, especially for the control of HIV epidemic and other related diseases. Over the years, HIFASS has grown and extended her services beyond the barracks; working in 19 states of the federation, by supporting vulnerable population such as orphans and vulnerable children, caregivers in households, reaching pregnant women accessing antenatal care and providing HIV/AIDS testing services.


HIFASS is also involved in health survey, monitoring and evaluation, site coordination, clinical services, administration, laboratory and research services, provides clinical laboratory management training for laboratory scientists and technicians in Nigeria as well as regular trainings on basic HIV management, counselling and testing. HIFASS also provides Laboratory Quality Management System, good laboratory practice, laboratory quality assessment and mentorship. Other strengths of HIFASS are Malaria diagnostics (malaria microscopy, malaria rapid diagnostics test and Quality Assurance including malaria microscopy proficiency test).



  1. Vulnerable Groups (under five children, Adolescent girls and Young women, Pregnant women, OVCs,
    malnourished children, care givers, internally displaced persons and victims of natural disaster)
  2. People living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Military Personnel and Civilians around selected military locations
  4. Retired military personnel who are engaged to provide services


VISION: Enhancing Healthier and Safer Communities

MISSION STATEMENT: To collaborate with partners to promote comprehensive and sustainable interventions for public health, support military medicine and health diplomacy for peace, stability and development of communities

ORGANIZATIONAL GOAL: Improve access to quality Health Care and Social services through Health System Strengthening, Health Manpower Management, Community Health Services, Trainings and Capacity Building and Health Care Education.



•To create awareness, provide care and support on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis/ Leprosy, Malaria, Hepatitis, Neglected Tropical Diseases and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.

•To promote quality health care through operational research, clinical research and promotion of use of research results to support program development.

•To develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated workforce that actively delivers HIFASS’ mission.

•To work with the military and other entities to recruit and manage qualified health personnel, ensure the right systems are in place to work within the established infrastructures and support interventions during medical emergencies.

•To promote partnership and collaboration for resource mobilization to support HIFASS programmes and interventions.


HIFASS is anchored on integrity as the bedrock of her operations as defined by the attributes below which influences the culture and public image of HIFASS as an effective community-based organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families and communities:

Transparency– HIFASS strives to be transparent and as open as possible while taking into account clients’ and beneficiaries confidentiality. This contributes to maintaining a high level of accountability.

Professionalism– HIFASS believes in a professional, team focused environment that is developed through the training and hiring of experienced professionals for the purpose of achieving our goals with creativity and integrity.

Honesty– We believe that honesty makes the best relationships because it leads to trust and faith. Strong and positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates HIFASS from other organisations in the NGO sector.

Sincerity– HIFASS believes it will be her sincerity and openness, combined with our own expertise that paves the way to innovations that really matter. In HIFASS, openness is the key source of change and progress.

Quality Service– We will actively pursue improvements to the health of the community by the delivery of quality service. We strive relentlessly; constantly improve ourselves, our teams, and our services to become the best.

Team work– HIFASS promotes teamwork over individual efforts in order to achieve excellence.

Discipline– Discipline is central to our management philosophy. We will always pursue efficient ways to use the organisation’s resources. We will always seek new ways to drive down costs.

Accountability– HIFASS has the highest level of integrity in her administrative, service, and outreach activities; we tie these activities directly to our mission, and we maintain and report our records accurately.